MiniTec T-slot Aluminum Framing Systems

A Complete Modular Aluminum Framing System


  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • A Wide Range of Applications
  • No Drilling Required


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cis_headingiconAbout MiniTec

MiniTec is a high quality and comprehensive line of t-slot aluminum extrusions and components.  MiniTec is ideal for building safety guarding or fencing, sliding or counterweight doors, machine enclosures, custom workstations, linear systems and so much more.

MiniTec is the only line with the Power Lock Fastener – a fastener that joins two profiles at a right angle with no drilling required, meaning assemblies go together quickly and easily.

MiniTec has two series of profiles and components – the 30 Series and the 45 Series.  Within each series all parts and components are compatible, which means designing and building with MiniTec is easy and fast and that a maximum number of applications can be made with a minimum number of parts.


left Central Industrial Solutions is proud to be the exclusive Canadian Distributor for MiniTec Aluminum framing

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Assembly is QUICK & EASY

No Need For Any Drilling.

The Entire System Bolts Together Using Our Power-Lock Fastener

MiniTec is Available in:

Raw Materials
Kit Form
Fully Assembled

MiniTec Features:

Build Anything Fast

  • Fast and Easy
    From planning to assembly – save money on labor.
  • Versatile
    A wide range of profiles and components to help you build a variety of projects including machine enclosures, safety barriers, custom workstations, linear systems and counter-weighted doors.
  • Quality Components
    High quality German-engineered products backed by our guarantee
  • Clean-looking finished designs
    The Power Lock Fastener is virtually invisible once installed and provides a strong connection that eliminates the need for external brackets in a lot of applications making your finished design look awesome.
  • Large In-Stock Inventory
     Purchase from our stocked components and get moving on your project fast.


Versatile Aluminum Framing Applications

Ideal for any project

Central Industrial Solutions comprehensive range of MiniTec aluminium profiles and matching modular building components.


MiniTec’s Complete Modular Aluminum Framing System

Imagine the Possibilities


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MiniTec Frequently Asked Questions

Can somebody come out to my plant to see my application?

We are located in Cambridge, Ontario.  If you are also located in Southern Ontario, then it is possible…

Do you sell to the public?

Yes, we do.  Our minimum order is $50.  Please give us a call and we can help to…

What applications is MiniTec used for?

MiniTec was designed for industrial use.  With such a flexible system, there are so many applications: safety guards…

There are a lot of components. Where do I start?

Our specialty is customer service.  Please feel free to give us a call and let’s talk about what…

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